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Episode 19: Die Hard

Pop Culture Footnotes_Die Hard

We’re still coming down after the holidays, so we figured we’d round out the season with just one more Christmas movie. Welcome to our breakdown of action movie classic, Die Hard! Join Courtenay, Shannon, and Tana as we break down the plot, go over notable scenes and lines, share our favorite parodies, and discuss what makes this film one of the best action movies of all time. Is it actually a Christmas movie? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Episode 18: A Christmas Carol

Pop Culture Footnotes_A Christmas Carol

Happy Holidays from Pop Culture Footnotes! On this very special Christmas episode, we act as your personal ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and…I guess Christmas future, guiding you through Charles Dickens’ classic story, A Christmas Carol. God bless us every one!

Holiday Episodes, Movies, Pop Culture Podcast

Episode 17: Home Alone

Pop Culture Footnotes_Home Alone

Don’t get scared now! We’re getting psyched for the holidays at Pop Culture Footnotes, and as our gift to you, we offer this episode about Christmas classic, Home Alone. Join us as we play trivia games, go over the plot, and talk a bit about what makes this movie (and to a lesser extent its sequels) such a big part of the holidays for so many people.

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Episode 16: The Force Awakens

Pop Culture Footnotes_The Force Awakens

The Last Jedi comes out this week. Are we so excited we’re practically reduced to tears? No. Why would you even ask that? Regardless of who’s crying and who’s not, we at Pop Culture Footnotes are getting geared up for Episode VIII in a big way. So join Courtenay, Shannon, and special guest Corinne as we miss Tana while they’re sick and fill you in on everything (we think) you need to know to go and see the next installment of the Star Wars saga.

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Episode 15: The Room

Pop Culture Footnotes_The Room

With The Disaster Artist coming out this week, we figured we’d take a little time to discuss the best worst movie ever made: Tommy Wiseau’s trainwreck, The Room. Shannon sums up the film’s overly complicated and often nonsensical plot, and we share our favorite lines and moments, play a little trivia game to test our knowledge, and generally have a rollicking good time.

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Episode 14: The 1st Annual PCF Thank Party

Pop Culture Footnotes_PCF Thank Party

We know it’s a couple of days past Thanksgiving, but we feel we’d be remiss if we didn’t express a little gratitude. So join us as we celebrate our 1st Annual PCF Thank Party, where we discuss some of the pop culture things we’ve been grateful for in the past year.

While you’re here, we’d like to express a boatload of gratitude to you, our listener. The three of us have had a ball putting on this podcast for the past few months, but it’s been incredibly gratifying to get feedback and comments from all of you. Thanks for being here with us, and thanks for listening. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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Episode 13: Justice League

Pop Culture Footnotes_Justice League

Hold the phone! Before you run out to see Justice League, join Courtenay, Shannon, Tana, and special guest Andrew from the Pop Pop Culture podcast as we discuss the comic book versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. We also give our opinions of the new movie so you can (hopefully!) avoid having to go and see it yourself.

Bonus! We also take the following quiz to see which DC superhero we are. Follow along by taking the quiz here.

PS. We are super grateful to Andrew for coming on this week to fill in the gaps in our comic book knowledge. Be sure to give him and Pop Pop Culture a little love at any of the following links:

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