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Episode 15: The Room

Pop Culture Footnotes_The Room

With The Disaster Artist coming out this week, we figured we’d take a little time to discuss the best worst movie ever made: Tommy Wiseau’s trainwreck, The Room. Shannon sums up the film’s overly complicated and often nonsensical plot, and we share our favorite lines and moments, play a little trivia game to test our knowledge, and generally have a rollicking good time.

Directors, Movies, Pop Culture Podcast

Episode 2: Steven Spielberg’s Alien Movies

Pop Culture Footnotes_Steven Spielberg and Aliens

Tune in as we discuss Steven Spielberg’s and his alien movies, specifically Close Encounters of the Third KindE.T. The Extra Terrestrial, and War of the Worlds. We talk about the plot of each movie, their influence on pop culture and sci-fi, and the themes and characteristics they have in common.