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Episode 23: Harry Potter, Part 4

Pop Culture Footnotes_Harry Potter Part 4

It’s the end of our Harry Potter rampage! Join us as we go over plot for the final installment in the HP series and discuss how the Harry Potter phenomenon has affected pop culture in the 10+  years since the last book came out.

We also promised to share the link to one of Courtenay and Shannon’s favorite Harry Potter parodies, “A Very Potter Musical.” Enjoy!

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Episode 22: Harry Potter, Part 3

Pop Culture Footnotes_Harry Potter Part 3

Welcome back to our Harry Potter spree! This episode, we talk about Books 6 and 7….Haha, just kidding! We spent a whole hour just talking about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Rest assured, we have taken Courtenay’s mic away from her for a while. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

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Episode 21: Harry Potter, Part 2

Pop Culture Footnotes_Harry Potter Part 2

We continue on our Harry Potter streak this week with this episode, in which Courtenay, Shannon, and Tana go over plot for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And apologies about the audio quality—Death Eaters interfered with our recording equipment. Stupefy!

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Episode 20: Harry Potter, Part 1

Pop Culture Footnotes_Harry Potter Part 1

Welcome to 2018! We’re ringing in the new year by reliving one of the best parts of our childhood: Harry Potter. Bad news, though. While we were recording, Dobby cast his house elf magic on us. Guess he thought that if we never stopped talking about Harry Potter, we wouldn’t be able to make it to Hogwarts. And then, to make matters worse, Crookshanks walked all over the keyboard and totally messed up the audio. Hence the long run time and bad audio quality for this episode. It definitely wasn’t because we recorded all of our Harry Potter episodes back in September when we had no idea what we were doing….Yep. Buckle up for lots of HP plot summary, folks!

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Episode 18: A Christmas Carol

Pop Culture Footnotes_A Christmas Carol

Happy Holidays from Pop Culture Footnotes! On this very special Christmas episode, we act as your personal ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and…I guess Christmas future, guiding you through Charles Dickens’ classic story, A Christmas Carol. God bless us every one!

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Episode 14: The 1st Annual PCF Thank Party

Pop Culture Footnotes_PCF Thank Party

We know it’s a couple of days past Thanksgiving, but we feel we’d be remiss if we didn’t express a little gratitude. So join us as we celebrate our 1st Annual PCF Thank Party, where we discuss some of the pop culture things we’ve been grateful for in the past year.

While you’re here, we’d like to express a boatload of gratitude to you, our listener. The three of us have had a ball putting on this podcast for the past few months, but it’s been incredibly gratifying to get feedback and comments from all of you. Thanks for being here with us, and thanks for listening. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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Episode 13: Justice League

Pop Culture Footnotes_Justice League

Hold the phone! Before you run out to see Justice League, join Courtenay, Shannon, Tana, and special guest Andrew from the Pop Pop Culture podcast as we discuss the comic book versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. We also give our opinions of the new movie so you can (hopefully!) avoid having to go and see it yourself.

Bonus! We also take the following quiz to see which DC superhero we are. Follow along by taking the quiz here.

PS. We are super grateful to Andrew for coming on this week to fill in the gaps in our comic book knowledge. Be sure to give him and Pop Pop Culture a little love at any of the following links:

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