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Episode 44: Casablanca

Pop Culture Footnotes_Casablanca

Refugees, #resistance, and Nazis—oh my! No, it’s not today’s headline. It’s 1944 “Best Picture” winner, Casablanca! Join Courtenay and Shannon as they discuss one of the greatest films ever made, including quotable lines, memorable scenes, and the movie’s influence in 1960s counter-culture. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

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Episode 43: Jurassic Park

Pop Culture Footnotes_Jurassic Park

Before you go see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this weekend, get geared up with our recap of the original trilogy and the reboot (thus far). Join Courtenay, Shannon, and our friend Whitney as we cover plot, the most heavily quoted lines, and the meme-iest of the films’ scenes. We got so caught up in whether we could that we didn’t stop to think if we should!

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Episode 42: The Ultimate Pixar Showdown

Pop Culture Footnotes_ Ultimate Pixar Bracket

What’s the best Pixar movie of all time? That’s what Courtenay, Shannon, and guest Derrick intend to discover this week. We go through our ultimate Pixar bracket match-up by match-up, weighing originality, story quality, moral lessons, and general likability for each film to determine our winners. Now you know!

Check out our filled out bracket here, and be sure to comment and let us know if you agree with our picks!

Also, be sure to check out all the great work Derrick is doing on the Mosaic Podcast!

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Introducing….The Ultimate Pixar Movie Bracket!

Pop Culture Footnotes_ Ultimate Pixar Bracket

Hey gang! We’re getting geared up for the release of Incredibles II next week with a new episode with our friend, Derrick from the Mosaic podcast. Our episode releases tomorrow, but we just have to know: what does your ultimate Pixar bracket look like?

Shoot us an email (, leave a comment, send a carrier pigeon—whatever you gotta do. Just let us know what you think of our bracket and what your picks would be. And be sure to check in tomorrow to hear our official PCF Pixar picks!

Aaaand go.

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Episode 41: The Beatles, Part 2

Pop Culture Footnotes_The Beatles

Our apologies for posting late this week! Courtenay spaced it and thought she hit “Publish.” Turns out she didn’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This week, we’re excited to have our friend Karla back to wrap up our discussion of the Beatles. We talk about everything from Magical Mystery Tour to “The End” and beyond.

Bonus! Here’s a link to our bonified Spotify playlist, including all the songs we played on this episode plus some of our favorite Beatles covers. Score.

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Episode 40: Top War Movies

Pop Culture Footnotes_Top War Movies

In honor of Memorial Day, we sat down with our friend Lenore to discuss our personal top five war movies. We’d like to share our appreciation for all those who have laid down their lives to defend freedom and the rights of mankind around the world. While we are celebrating an American holiday, we know that Americans are not and have never been alone in this fight. On behalf of everyone at Pop Culture Footnotes, thank you.

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Episode 39: Ocean’s Eleven

Pop Culture Footnotes_Ocean's Eleven

This week on Pop Culture Footnotes, Courtenay and Shannon get geared up for the release of Ocean’s Eight by discussing the rest of the Ocean’s franchise. We talk about the original Rat Pack film and how it differs from the recent Ocean’s trilogy. Plus, Shannon shares some inside knowledge about her hometown, Vegas. Check it out!

PS. Is there a film, band, book, or celebrity you want to know more about? Shoot us an email and tell us about it. We’re now accepting topic recommendations for the fall, so hit us up at today.